Learning from a Wechat Legend!

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Learning from a Wechat Legend!

For most wechat vetaran writers, Mi Meng (咪蒙) was a phenomena in the Chinese social media hall of fame. She registered her first wechat blog in 2015 and garnered over 10 million followers. However, she’s no celebrity – just a 9-5 content creator.

So, what makes her posting so popular and commercially successful? Social media specialists once did an interview with her creative team. They said, ‘A viral title is worth millions.

What makes a viral title?

A title that makes you click without thinking, or one that triggers immediate biological/psychological sensation.

8 types of viral title

Number titles

A Number is more direct and eye-catching than words. For example:

1000 ways to die

Curious titles

Open yet strange questions. For example:

How to murder your wife

Dramatic titles

This type focuses on ‘unexpectedness’. FOr example:

That deliveroo boy who is a billionaire heir

Complaining titles

This type usually contains rude language and a few exclamations. For example:

Failure is the mother of success? Don’t be stupid!

Confrontational titles

This type creates a feeling of emotional dialogue. For example:

How dare you?

Dialogue titles

Not all content can be summarised using dialogue but when you can use it with matching content, it works like magic. For example:

He’s just a kid!’ ‘That’s why he needs to be punished.’

Romantic titles

Believe it or not, cheesy rosy titles are triggering, if you phrase it in a subtle way. For example:

Since you would save none of me, I bury some of you.

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