Over the wall

We can ensure you have an effective Web Presence free of the limitations of the firewall

The Chinese 'great firewall' is a significant technical barrier to establishing a web presence in China. We will work with your existing technical teams to ensure your web presence can be extended into the Chinese market with a rapid loading and appropriately designed web presence

Web Sites and Apps

For success in China you will require a web presence optimised for the market. It must be rapidly loading and mobile first.

A complete redevelopment of your website is not required, but you should incorporate key aspects of Chinese design to ensure and 'localise' Google content. If required we can upgrade existing websites or work with web development teams to localise your website.

URLs and hosting

Establishing your web presence in China requires specialist knowledge. It's politically sensitive and technically challenging

Though not essential, we are able to obtain a suitable local domain name if required. Chinese hosting is preferable to ensure a high performance but this requires the necessary ICP licences

Without local hosting, slow loading, high latency, and functionality time-outs are common problems. As part of our service therefore, we offer a managed hosting package within China.