Digital and Traditional Marketing

Marketing is about sharing your passion

Unlike many 'online only' agencies we offer full service marketing. We complement your digital marketing with solid on-the-ground marketing services such as events, sponsorship and media exposure

Social Media

Social media in China is an essential tool for building brand loyalty. It is the main way of shopping, making payments & keeping in touch, both socially and in business.

Traditional digital marketing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are blocked in China. The Chinese equivalents such as Weibo, WeChat, Weibo and Youku are ubiquitous, but require specialist and often intricate knowledge of social behaviour to achieve meaningful results.

Word of Mouth

Social Media word of mouth is a powerful force in China. Most consumers trust the views of their contemporaries more than anything else. We identify where your client base interact and what drives their interactions.

Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders are vital to your brand. Our social marketing team use personal contacts to ensure you are recommended by the key online celebrities.


The e-commerce market in China will exceed Europe and the US put together by 2022. To tap into this market you must embrance the Chinese way of marketing and selling rather than using marketing methods from Europe.

Intelligent discounting, competitions and seasonal campaigns are key in China. We integrate WeChat E-commerce into your WeChat social media presence, allowing users to directly navigate to store pages from social media.

Brand Intelligence

Finding out how the market in China views your brand is essential to a marketing strategy. Our market research contacts can provide valuable information on demographics, sectors and regions.

Market Intelligence

Our experience consultants can provide valuable reports into how the market will react to your brand offering before you commit money to to the marketing effort. If your product or idea will not work in the Chinese market we will inform you. Unlike many agencies we will not push an inviable option or waste your valuable marketing budget

Many Western companies have no idea why their Chinese marketing budgets fail to deliver. With our pre-marketing intelligence you can ensure you do not fall into the same trap.