Go Global - Think Local

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Only when you localise your presence will you effectively engage with Chinese customers.

The importance of Localisation

Localisation does not require you to re-invent your brand image, but is about ensuring that Chinese design elements are used to your advantage - presenting your company with branding that resonates with the Chinese market.

Trust is a key element to success in China and this only comes from understanding the complex Chinese market. We ensure that your business stands out for the right reasons and does not offend local cultural norms.

To achieve this we work with a trusted network of experienced partners on the ground in China to deliver effective localisation.

Existing Branding and Web

We are able to work with existing marketing and technical teams to localise your presence. We realise that your brand is important and aim to ensure that we work closely with those who have developed your international

China Offices

With a local address, your Chinese presence appears more trustworthy and it makes it easier for Chinese customers to get in touch. We can provide a local 'virtual' address, phone number and email, our provide call handling and lead forwarding Offered on a month-by-month basis, you're free to move on quickly to your in-house solutions as business takes off.

Fully localised Web

A poorly translated site with an address abroad is not sufficient to generate sales and create trust. We fully localise your website, not just translating word for word but providing cultural nuance to the translation. We also alter the web design to conform to local norms.