Chinese attitudes to UK education in a post-Covid world

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March 6, 2020

Chinese attitudes to UK education in a post-Covid world

The Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on all areas of the economy. The future of globalization and global travel remains uncertain.  Foreign students, in particular from China and the Far East, are an important source of revenue for UK institutions.

Mosaic Services has conducted market research amongst students of English in China to determine whether the UK remains an attractive destination for Chinese students.

The results show that the UK remains an attractive destination for parents sending their children abroad, or for mature students considering post-graduate education. Confidence in UK top-flight universities remains high and the UK is still considered a destination for educational excellence. However, UK education is considered expensive and this may be an important consideration with post-Covid austerity. Education institutions should look to provide more affordable courses, either through blended learning or by establishing satellite operations in the Far East. This approach may also be a way to get around post-Covid global travel restrictions.

Online marketing channels (Wechat and forums) remain the best way to target potential students, but school and education agent recommendations should also be considered.

Mosaic services is a full service agency offering access to both online and more traditional marketing channels.

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