Questions Chinese investors ask

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February 27, 2020

Questions Chinese investors ask

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It’s obvious that UK is an attractive destination for global wealth, but the questions investors want to ask are often unanswered due to language barrier or cultural misinterpretation. In this article, I will share some of the common questions Chinese investors ask before they act.

Why are these questions popular?

Because articles that answer them get decent number of views and comments.

Why should I know these questions?

Because your potential Chinese clients want to ask you…but their(or their PA’s) English may not be fluent enough.

These 7 questions are:

How to prepare financial proof for my visa

This topic has become trending after hundreds of Chinese students’ had their British bank accounts closed. Then the Harrods’ lady (her husband is the former chairman of International Bank of Azerbaijan) had her mansions seized. I did two articles for each and had 20k+ views.

Harrods lady reference:

Can a non-British get a mortgage and how

Many Chinese investors want to buy properties in the UK, and most of them (as far as I’ve talked) think without a British passport they will have to pay the full price in cash…and that is in fact one major reason that discourage many investors who have been affected by the state capital control.

What is the Feng-Shui of the house

Feng-Shui is Chinese geomancy. Bad Feng-Shui brings omen and curse…and most wealthy Chinese believe the theory. If you are selling properties to Chinese and your budget allows, I would strongly advise you to get a Feng-Shui consultant.

How to join a family/children club

It may be true that Chinese prefer their own kind, but young families with babies/school-age children want to engage with locals. The article about London’s children club (George Junior etc.,) received surprisingly good number of views, and so did the one about a music workshop reportedly attended by Kate Middleton and Louis.

Does my child need a British passport to get into top nursery/prep?

Most parents understand children can come to study in the UK on Tier-4 child/general visa, but there are many top schools that won’t sponsor visas…but that doesn’t mean a British passport is the only route to get into their children’s dream school.

What else to invest in the UK…apart from properties?

Wealthy millennial from China are adventurous. Usually their parents will decide where to buy properties in London and they will be granted some seed funds for their own entrepreneurial projects. I know a girl who did A-level in the UK, studied fashion and philosophy in France and (then) UK…and she’s investing a game company which is about to be listed. And many people from her circle are of the same kind.

Where can I hire a PA/butler/carer/postpartum carer who can speak Chinese

For wealthy families a helper is necessary. Chinese culture is family-oriented and filial piety is highly important, so any services that take care of the elders and wives are needed.

There are other frequently asked questions such as where to find authentic Chinese restaurant without lemon chicken or beef chow mien…but the 7 I listed are determinants that behind their investment motivation. So…the best strategy for approaching your Chinese potential client would be to give them answers without being asked.

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